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Gelmax carries more than 2300 SKU’s between the chilled, frozen and dry products stocked in our warehouses and deliver to you daily.


More than 2000 sku’s for your western foodservice operation, here just some examples:

Ingredients for the Best Pizza

Mozzarella, Pizza Toppings, Tomato Sauce, Whole Peeled Tomatoes, Cheeses

Many Cheese Options

scamorza, gorgonzola, provolone, provola, caciotta, grana, parmesan, parmigiano

Cold Cuts

salame, salami, mortadella, prosciutto, prosciutto parma, prosciutto cotto, cooked ham, chorizo



Hand-Made Pasta

ravioli, cannelloni, tortelli, tortelloni, 

Egg Pasta

spaghetti, tagliolini, tagliatelle, penne, lasagne, rigatoni, mafaldine, fusilli

Pizza Bases

frozen pizza, napoli, margherita, quattro formaggi, 4 cheeses

Easy to Prepare Appetizers

mozzarella bites, falafel, arancini, fries, steak potatoes, vegan bites

Sliced Cheeses


cow mozzarella, buffalo mozzarella, smoked mozzarella, frozen mozzarella

Flavoured Cheeses

chilli cheese, pecorino, caciotta

Soft Cheese

stracchino, crescenza, spread cheese

Fried Bites

frozen bites

Halal Products Available


pesce, fish, octopus, carpaccio, shrimps, bottarga, tuna

Healthy Options


truffle cream, pesto, olive cream, sundried tomato cream, pepper cream, chilli cream

Ready Meals

microwave, lasagne, cannelloni, piatti pronti,


olives, peppers, eggplants, sun dried tomato, cerignola, taggiasche, leccino, green olives, pitted

Wines & Spirits

prosecco, grappa, amarone, valpolicella, pinot grigio, san giovese

Alcholic Drinks

aperol, campari, spritz, amaro, 

Vegan/Vegetarian Selection

Single Portions Desserts

lava cake, brownies, cheesecake, apple cake

Traditional Desserts

tiramisu, profitterol, grandma cake, grand mother cake, sacher, apple pie


frozen cakes

Italian Gelato

pistacchio, hazelnut, chocolate, vegetarian, mango, strawberry


pandoro, panettone, colomba, christmas

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