Gelmax Pte Ltd was incorporated in Singapore in 2002 as western food supplier.

With the aim of leveraging on Singapore’s unique position as gateway to wholesale and distribute prestigious and well known Western Food and Beverage products in the region.

Our experience & passion for the western foods at your service

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Product Development

Being a well established food distributor, we constantly striving to provide top quality service. We are continuously researching for new selection of products while our sales department offers our clients a dedicated professional service.

Brand Development and Market Penetration.

Gelmax wholesale its imported western products to appropriate restaurants, hotels and supermarkets to develop brand awareness and market penetration. We represent and protect the brand, whilst growing the business to reaching desired goals and objectives.

High Standards

Gelmax Pte Ltd with its extensive fleet of Trucks offers Frozen, Chilled and Dry delivery services. It is able to deliver its products across the entire length and breadth of Singapore and virtually anywhere in the APAC Region.

Gelmax Facility

  • Frozen -28°C for IQF products
  • Chilled +4°C
  • Dry (room temperature controlled air-conditioned)
  • Controlled Temperature Wine Storage (Duty Free and Duty Paid)


Gelmax Pte Ltd promotes itself as a potential business partner for those companies who are planning and intend to develop distribution channels in the APAC Region. With our logistics and wide custom based assets, innovative and competitive partnership through strategic alliance, we regularly continue to gain market share.

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